Heroes of Tomorrow

Loughborough College



Director: Lee Wheeler-Tomes.  Camera: Charlie Harris & Bipin Anand Location Sound: Craig Barlow. Video Edit: Lee Wheeler-Tomes. Photography: Sarah Salotti Sound Design & Music: Michael Tedstone

Loughborough College was excited to launch its new BEng (Hons) degree in Sustainable Engineering validated and awarded by Loughborough University and needed help from our team to create a bold promotional advert to sell the course to prospected students.


Action, Drama, Fantasy, Promotional, Science Fiction, Super Hero


Education, Advert

This film is:

Bold, Epic, Quirky
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Project Details

The Challenge

Produce an eye-catching concept to recruit students to the brand new programme at Loughborough College. Our brief was to strike the right balance of education and entertainment.

The Result

You won’t see many college recruitment films like this one! That was the vision from the start. We asked ourselves how can we make this film stand out against all others in the space. The PR and Comms Manager at the College was certainly delighted with the end result saying; ‘Watching that film was like opening a Christmas present as a kid. I absolutely love it! Great job’.