Meet the team

Great collaboration leads to purposeful creativity! Here at Orange Fox Studios we bring our best and play for the team in a relentless pursuit of original storytelling. We stay humble, honest, and support each other because every voice helps create a richer picture.

Lee is a multi-disciplined and award-winning filmmaker. He holds an MA in filmmaking, cinematography from the University of Goldsmiths and cut his teeth as a video editor at one of the top branded communications companies in the UK. You'll find Lee on-set wielding a camera, behind the directors monitor or in the edit suite cutting together the magic.


Lee Wheeler-Tomes

Managing Director

Nicola is the studios very own Animator and Content Creator. A Motion Graphics whizz experienced in illustration, design and animation, she’s never afraid of a challenge and is always looking for ways to expand and learn new skills. Nicola brings creativity, organisation and an eye for detail to her role, as well as 3 years of experience in Motion Graphics and the Adobe Suite.


Nicola Bilbie

Animator & Content Producer

Charlie is our very own big friendly giant. You will find him on set wielding the latest camera tech and expertly crafting lighting setups for our films. He comes with a wealth of experience in TV production, narrative and corporate film. Fun fact, Charlie actually started out as a sound engineer having trained in this area before moving into the camera department.


Charlie Harris

Lighting Cameraman

Sarah is a talented freelance photographer specialising in weddings, social and commercial work. Having cut her teeth in the press photography industry she is a proven image maker that offers loads of creative solutions. After 15 years of successful freelancing , Sarah responds to a national level client base with bags of energy, a camera in hand and a smile on her face.


Sarah Salotti


Michael is our go-to music composer and is a whiz with all things sound! He has a masters in songwriting from Bath Spa University and his music has been heard on adverts and TV programmes including Eastenders, The One Show and the Apprentice. Michaels superb bespoke work adds another level of production value to the film content we produce for our clients.


Michael Tedstone

Music Composer