Who the fox?

Original, Bold, Fun (Orange) + clever, curious thinking (Fox) = Orange Fox. If we were a movie character think Star Lord meets Fantastic Mr Fox. 

We’re Leicester-based video storytellers with a passion for filmmaking and a love for exploration.

Why Us?

Higher engagement

Humans have been telling stories for thousands of years as a means to share and to learn. Stories bring us laughter, some bring us tears. But isn’t that what a great story does? Makes us feel? Great stories have the power to stay with us forever.

And film is like a firework. It can light up your campaign or message to create excitement and most importantly engagement! It also happens to make you 22x more memorable too.

Stress-free process

With decades of experience between us, we’re pros at all things film. So you don’t need to be. Just sit back, relax and enjoy the journey. Popcorn optional. 

Plus, for anything extra we have an extensive network of production experts and creative freelancers on hand including cinematographers, sound operators, video editors, producers, animators. 

Originality guaranteed

We won’t settle for average. Whatever topic you throw at us, we guarantee useful, original and unique ideas to help you communicate your brand or business story.

Video should always have a purpose and bring value to your audience through entertainment, education or creative insight.

It’s something we like to call edutainment and it’s a fantastic way to foster a strong connection between your business or campaign and your audience and to do so on a personal level.

Our Story

Founded in 2016 by award-winning filmmaker and video producer Lee Tomes, Orange Fox was born from the love of a good story.

Because stories connect us and bring joy. They make us feel human. And great ones have the power to stay with us forever.

But time after time, Lee came across businesses and brands that weren’t even starting to tap into storytelling to engage people – let alone finding great ones! He saw an opportunity to do things differently. To rip up the rulebook on what promotional video should look and feel like and engage with the emotion and excitement of a good story.

Seven years later, Orange Fox is now a fluid, full-service visual storytelling agency that’s worked with both local and international brands to tell their story.

Now we focus on supporting clients that are ready to take their communications up a gear. People who want to be braver, bolder – and reap the rewards of creating something different.


Values we live by


Laugh Often

Laughter is the firework of the soul. Having fun in and outside the office makes us stronger, and more balanced humans. That means sharper thinking, better creativity and happier people (including you).


Love the Work

We bring a passion for filmmaking to every project. If an idea doesn’t spark joy, we go bigger and brighter. We’re heart on the sleeve creators – what you see, is what you get. We love the work we do and we want you to love it too.


Create Together

Great collaboration leads to purposeful creativity. We bring our best and play for the team in a relentless pursuit of original storytelling. We stay humble, honest, and support each other – because every voice helps create a richer picture.


Think Like a Fox

Like the fox we’re constantly curious. We’re undaunted by a challenge and naturally adventurous. Loyalty, passion and creativity are our drivers. We demand high-quality entertainment in the work that we create and the relationships that we build.

what is fox thinking?

Some stories are so good you wish they would never end. We approach every project with fox-like thinking to help you to find yours.


Killed the cat, apparently. But ours will make your story smarter.
We ask smart questions to get you smarter results.


If you love video, you’ll love video with purpose more.
We get clear on your goals way before the camera is rolling.


Brave people get remembered. We challenge you to be bolder.
Because average is boring.

Our guarantee

Ordinary doesn’t make the cut around here. In fact, we promise to help you take the safe option off the table. It’s out there. Or really out there. 

One thing we guarantee, we don’t do boring.

Something to read?

Our blog is packed full with useful articles! Grab a coffee and settle in for a good read.

Let’s go bold together