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A creative video production agency for brands ready to rip up the rulebook on what promotional film should look and feel like


Tired of blank faces and low engagement? Even if your topic is more boardroom than box office, your video can still be a show stopper. We can help you make them laugh, cry, gasp and sigh with a great story. Ready to see how?

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You want to create better, bolder videos that stand out in a world of same-y corporate noise. Us too. The results? Awards. Accolades. And, most importantly, audience action.

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From story to screen, we’ve got the expertise to help you nail your next project

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Wondering what it’s like to work with us yet? Here’s what our clients say.

"A brilliant company to work with and a joy to be around on filming days and throughout the editing process. Lee's understanding and openness to each concept, his attention to detail and his suggested creative ideas are only a few of the many reasons why I would wholeheartedly recommend Orange Fox Studios for any video production and/or cinematography needs."
Moving Together Dance Company
"Watching that film was like opening a Christmas present as a kid. I absolutely LOVE it. Great job."
Mike Underwood
Senior PR and Communications Manager
"Orange Fox Studios are great at what they do, always original, friendly and responsive, and priced competitively. Coming up with original creative ideas, managing the project planning, and consistently delivering a high quality finished project."
Damien Wright
Marketing Manager, Loughborough College

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