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Director: Lee Wheeler-Tomes  Camera & Lighting: Bipin Anand Sound Design: Michael Tedstone Makeup: Jessica Nurse

Our film for a local Leicester dental practice showcases how a simple trip to the dentist can transform a patient’s life and is based on the classic ‘rags to riches’ story archetype. Our main protagonist is insignificant and dismissed by others, but something happens to elevate them, revealing them to be exceptional. (Think The Ugly Duckling). From a marketing point of view, this idea is about how discovering our client and their services elevates them, transforming his or her life for the better.




Advert, Promotional

This film is:

Bold, Dramatic, Fun, Humorous, Quirky, Silly
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Project Details

The Challenge

Our team was tasked with producing a super creative tv quality advert for a local dental practice on a very modest budget. The creative was all based around the idea of ‘transformation’, something the client was keen to portray. They also wanted the film to showcase parts of their building and include members of the their team in someway.

The Results

Our end result was dramatic, humorous and more than a little tongue in cheek. Although intend for online-use only the film wouldn’t look out of place on TV and thats exactly what we were going for. Not only that, but the client really enjoyed the experience of seeing an idea come to life before their eyes.