…in a simple way

We’re here to work for you. That means having a process that works for you, not just for us. That’s why we’ve honed a way of working that helps us deliver what you need without reinventing the wheel. Our entire video production process is focussed on giving you control without sapping your time. We’ll create, let you review and amend, then create some more!

Want to see a script before we begin? No worries! Can’t imagine how it’ll look? Here’s some scamps or a video storyboard. How about the treatment? Have a footage sample. We pride ourselves on knowing what you need and delivering just that without asking you to take a huge leap of faith. Give us a try!

fig 1. Storyboard progression

…that connects people

Yeah, yeah, yeah, stories are great but why?

That’s an easy one – people connect with them. Stories can be allegorical, metaphorical and phantasmagorical! And, however unrelatable they may seem at first glance, they are always relatable.

This relatability makes for more memorable messages and more impactful communications that touch your audience on an emotional level, as well as a logical one. Think about the Coca Cola trucks rolling down the hillside at Christmas and tell us that’s about soft drinks!

fig 2. ‘Common Ground’ Bullying Awareness Film

…that tells stories

People like stories, it’s that simple! Whether it’s through songs, films, books, plays, TV or countless other mediums, people have sought out stories as their preferred entertainment for centuries. It’s in our nature to tell stories and to seek them out – it’s how we communicate.

Telling stories through film and video production is a huge opportunity to speak to your audience on every possible level, through sound, image and motion. That’s why it’s no wonder that video production is THE most effective way to communicate without being in front of somebody yourself. If you’ve used video content effectively before then hey, you already know that! If not, what on Earth are you waiting for?!

fig 3. Still from awareness film ‘Bubblewrap Boy’

Worked within our scope but brought their professional eye and skill to help create images that were much more effective than what we had planned.