…That stands out

A clever treatment can catch the eye of even the most blinkered of viewers. So, while a bit of motion here and there can help your audience engage and remember your content, a clever motion treatment can go way beyond that.

Interesting effects can help accentuate your brand image, visually reinforcing those all important core values. They can help you catch the eye of your audience and gain an advantage over competitors and peers. They can even help you to add depth and style into your existing content, visually separating one element from another to deliver your message more clearly and with more style. Who wouldn’t want that?

fig 1. Particle Motion image effect

…That comes to life

The other huge advantage of motion design is that it can breathe new life into otherwise dry and unengaging materials. Whether that’s a presentation that is struggling to keep your audience engaged or an information rich advertisement that is passing your audience by. Anything can be made more engaging with the addition of tasteful motion graphics.

So, the next time you are contending with a brief that is that intangible ‘extra something’, think motion.

fig 2. Character introductions for awareness film ‘Bubble Wrap Boy’

…That Communicates

Motion is one of three ways that people are able to learn. Strictly speaking it’s called kinaesthetics, but that’s by-the-by. The other two ways are through images (visual) and sounds (audible). Motion design allows you to take visual and audible content and inject an extra element of movement into it. This helps viewers retain the information they are being shown and keeps them interested at the same time.

Motion graphics are usually used to help deliver a message within another context, such as the credits in a film. But, thanks to today’s technologies, we can make entire communications pieces out of motion graphics. From music videos to presentations – some are just text and are still absolutely captivating!

fig 3. Kinetic Typography by Thibault de Fournas

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