By Nicola Bible, Junior Animator at Orange Fox Studios Hello there! Thank you for taking the time to join me as I talk through the making of ‘The Orange Fox’ animated advert for Orange Fox Studios. Firstly (if you haven’t already) please check out the finished advert here. If you didn’t already know, I joined […]


WHAT’S THE MOST BORING VIDEO YOU HAVE EVER SEEN? HAVE A THINK…. I wager a guess it’s probably a mandatory training video or a corporate sales video intent on ‘selling’ a product or a service. At Orange Fox, the word ‘boring’ has been removed from our vocabulary and banished to the fiery depths. We encourage […]

“Hey, Look at me!!” How to grab your viewers attention

“That was sooo boring” is something no one wants to hear about their videos. Whether it’s in marketing or in film, you want to capture interest. This is the only time it’s really okay to crave attention, I mean really crave it. You want people to watch it, but what if you can’t get them past the first five […]

Anthropomorphic Storytelling

Anthropomorphism is the process of giving human characteristics to inanimate objects, animals and plants. Technology advancements have allowed marketers to use computer-generated imagery (CGI) to develop new and innovative campaigns that can form a warm connection between the advert and viewer. Viewers seem to be a lot more receptive to an animal with human characteristics […]

3 Video Storytelling Choices that Work for Creative Advertising

OK, LET ME FIRST START BY ADDRESSING THE TITLE OF THE BLOG. There are many creative techniques used when it comes to video storytelling and there isn’t a one shoe fits all approach. The brand, the audience, marketing channels and touchpoints all have a say on whether a creative concept will leave its mark. We […]

Storytelling with Advertising

Advertising can be seen as a dirty word, and when you watch some of the TV ads that make their way onto the screen you can understand why. But it is definitely the best way to reach the widest audience and when done well, you can incorporate great brand storytelling. More and more businesses are […]

5 Lessons we learnt making a documentary film in 48 hours

Way back in 2014 we were absolutely thrilled to walk away with best film at the 48 Hour Documentary Film Challenge. It was our first effort at documentary filmmaking. The competition was part of the 5th annual Leicester DocFilm Festival and Documentary Media Month which took place between 1st-30th November 2014.  The process was intense and challenging and […]