…In Style

A huge advantage of animation is how visibly flexible it can be. It can be 2D or 3D, bright or muted, sharp or rounded, accurate or artistic. The benefit of this is that it can compliment your brand, bringing the colours, fonts and imagery into your videos.

What’s more, animation can help to expand your brand by setting a clear style for your motion graphics & video, helping viewers identify your video content wherever they see it. Stop motion, fluid movement, flat graphics? These things can be as distinctive as a well chosen typeface or a unique colour palette when used to their full potential!

fig 1. ‘Rob’, a promotional marionette character

…That’s unbelievable

Okay, that’s a bold claim but isn’t that kind of the point? If something is impossible then you can’t really film it but you can animate it. Maybe you need to show how blood flows through a heart but you don’t have a cardiac surgeon or an MRI machine to hand. Maybe you need to show how the planets move but you don’t have NASA’s satellite telescope budget to play with. Or maybe you just want to show how stock moves through your warehouse in a way that anyone can understand!

Whatever you want to show, animation can be the way to do it. Who said the impossible was impossible?

fig 2. Clip from UKPK Study Animation


Animation is an incredible tool to make the abstract clear. If pictures are worth a thousand words then moving images can be worth 25,000 a second (frame rate may vary). But what about those times where you want to communicate something you just can’t film – like data or abstract principles of design? You need animation.

Animation allows you to bring the invisible to life in a way that people can understand quickly and simply. It can turn dry, boring content into bright dynamic content that engages your audience on many levels. People learn in three ways, audibly, visually or kinaesthetically (through movement). Animation allows you to tackle all three at once meaning you can increase your audience’s information retention hugely without boring them in the process!

fig 3. Animated GIF showing data visualisation in action

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