We are Orange Fox

Orange Fox was founded in 2016 by Lee Tomes. Lee is a multi-disciplined and award-winning filmmaker and video producer based in Leicestershire. He holds an MA in filmmaking from the University of Goldsmiths and cut his teeth as a video editor at one of the top branded communications companies in the UK. He has been helping large companies, creative agencies, SME businesses, charities and not-for-profit organisations share their stories through film and video production for a decade. 

Orange Fox has a grown into fluid, full service visual communications agency based in Leicester’s cultural quarter. Our strong network of creative talent that includes cinematographers, animators, video editors and design experts means we can tailor-make the team that suits your brief.

We’re Business Storytellers

As video storytellers, it’s our job to help customers understand a company’s values through useful, original or unique video content. Authenticity makes for memorable messages and more impactful communications. They touch your audience on an emotional level. That’s the difference between generic ‘content’ and a thoughtful piece of video storytelling.

Video should always have a purpose and bring value to your customer, whether through laughter, practical advice or creative insights. Customers look to you for education, entertainment and excitement, and your ultimate goal is engagement.

Humans have been telling stories for thousands of years, from cave walls right through to Netflix. It works because it’s embedded in our nature to connect through story. This makes storytelling a fantastic way to foster a connection between a business and its audience on a personal level.

What’s your business story?

We’d would love to see a fox on the moon! But right now, we are directing our collective creativity into solving business problems to help our clients build their brands. Our approach is different to the typical video production company. We’re on a mission to banish bland and boring video communications once and for all…