Orange Fox’s new website is live!!

Create Film has evolved and we’re pretty excited! We are now Orange Fox Studios. We’ll still be offering the same exceptional service, advice and all round winning attitude, we’ve just grown a little. We used to offer exceptional video production services and we still do! We used to create wonderful animated films and we still do this too! Now, thanks to our growing network of creative talent we can also provide more. Full service visual communications is what Orange Fox is all about.

As well as video and animation work, we’ve added two new business off erings to our core skillset – brand & motion design – nice, ‘eh? If only we had some sort of online page which showcased our most recent work and explained all these amazing services in more detail…what’s that? We do?! – Our brand new website!

But why Orange Fox? Perhaps it’s a metaphor, for the reddish yellow glow of an early morning sunrise, the colour orange represents hope, beauty, and the dawning of a new day. Perhaps we’ve shamelessly jumped on the bandwagon of Leicester City’s extraordinary premiership success in a cheeky eff ort to bag a free season ticket. The truth is we are situated in Leicester – the heart of England and the home of the Foxes. Plus, we REALLY like the colour orange and a non-orange fox would be weird, right!?