…That looks great

This one is a bit of a given. I mean, who wouldn’t say that? However, we’re happy to go one step further. The work we do on brands are not just subjectively attractive, they’re based on attracting the correct demographic. That means every colour, typeface and brand asset is chosen specifically to attract your ideal customer. That means you can question any choice we make and we’ll be able to back it up with something real.

We use gestalt principles, colour theory, art history and much more to inform our work but hey, what’s the point of being an expert if you can’t show off a bit?

fig 1. Logo sign off for our client, Dale Studios

…That makes you better

We want people you buy into your brand and to know you at a glance. That’s why everything we do within our branding services is designed to make you better. Better at attracting and converting customers. Better at communicating with your current customers. Better at growing your business and its image. To achieve this, we believe that consistency is key.

We only design brands that are flexible enough to work across every medium they need to, from billboards to circuit boards, in print and online and everywhere in-between, while still guaranteeing a consistent appearance.

fig 2. Orange Fox motion treatment


There’s a great saying, “your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room”, that helps explain what brand really means. It’s not just a logo, a set of colours or a typeface. It’s all of that and more. It’s the sum total of what people perceive of your business. From the bright and bubbly to the corporate and authorative, the friendly to the downright scary!

Getting that right spans way beyond a ‘brand’ project but a successful brand project is the building blocks for a successful brand. If your image doesn’t attract the right customers then no amount of successes elsewhere can make up the difference, but if your logo, colours and overall brand image are working for you then everything else you get right will pay dividends too!

fig 3. Orange Fox Studios ‘What makes the brand?’

Worked within our scope but brought their professional eye and skill to help create images that were much more effective than what we had planned.